October 2020 - Act II: Patents of Nobility (the Turn) is Jay Electronica’s new, old album, originally recorded in 2011–12 and shelved until leakers forced Jay’s hand to release it in October 2020.

The album’s title track, Patents of Nobility, samples an old advertisement selling the Dick Tracy Two Way Wrist Radio, a 1960s toy for kids. The advertisement plays a Jetsons-like vision of a could-be future. Today we don’t have flying cars and the future ended up nothing like what those kids would have imagined at the time. On this album, Jay Electronica imagines an alternate present inspired by…

March 2020 - The long awaited debut album is finally here and delivers on the years of contemplation we expected to hear.

In the second act of 2005’s Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne gets beat up by middle-management gangsters in Gotham City who tell him he might be a tough dude, but doesn’t know struggle, fear or pain. Right after that, he gives up his riches and travels the world without possessions for 7 years, using the time to sharpen his skills and increase his understanding of the underworld. Eventually returning to Gotham as Batman. Jay Electronica built up his mythical…

A California kid reflects on his hoop dreams, and Kobe’s influence, from age 8 to age 24

Original art by Antonio Losada (Twitter)

And I’m playing ball in the rain / Doesn’t matter if I catch cold or sprain / my ankle because I love this game / For the first time watching the NBA, age 8 / Taking down the Kings in the playoffs, that’s been the Laker way / And then I get to brag to my friends at school the next day

Depressed I didn’t make the travel team / Coach told me I had heart but still couldn’t have my seat / That night, as if I didn’t just watch, it’s Stuart Scott spitting verse over the highlight…

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